A lot can happen in a year, and what a year this last 12 months has been!


It began with the devastating news that my live-in slave John, who had been with me some 9 years, decided he wished to try a more vanilla life. When someone serves you for so long, in such a close way, a deep relationship forms. My sense of loss was, and is, tremendous. I wish him well and all good things for the future. The true BDSM lifestyle is always consensual on both sides and when someone’s heart is no longer in it, you have to let go, however painful that may be. John was a large part of my life for many years, and I feel eternally grateful our paths crossed all those years ago and we still remain very good friends now and hopefully for a very long future.


Running a playroom is exceedingly hard work and sometimes very stressful. It is essential that clients get the best of my attention in spotlessly clean facilities with organised and hygienic equipment and consumables. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make this happen. I said after John I would never have another live in slave. He was my first, and was to be my last. Some will remember me posting a blog asking for a maid just over a year ago. Would the right person come forward? Would anyone come forward? I soon got my answer. One of my submissives, Hannah, offered her services.  Hannah proved to be very reliable and always turned up on time and completed all tasks as required. It was a weight off my shoulders.


It was an unexpected twist that Hannah started as my maid. I had only known her for 6 months. She was very timid in her first session, but I was quickly able to gain her trust and she opened up to me fully, and eventually talking about her true desires. Trust and honesty are essential in a successful BDSM relationship,. We are a very unlikely team, but we both felt we had been brought together in life for a reason. Very soon, that reason crystallised. In one of our many heart to heart conversations, I told Hannah about my dream to build the most luxurious playroom in the UK. A key aspect of that for me was that it should be top notch in terms of quality, interior design, equipment and facilities. The second key aspect is that it should be a safe space where people could be truly free to express themselves without any fear of judgement, shame or danger. Someone once said that “they are free who dare to go to the end of their thought”. How true that is in general. It is especially true in BDSM. The deeper we go in our journey of self-discovery, the more liberating and the more fulfilling it becomes. I told Hannah about a unique property, a period detached building I had found, which was ideally suited as the place where I could make my dream a reality.


I inspired Hannah with my vision. To my complete surprise she told me a couple of weeks later that she wanted to help and was prepared to do whatever it took. The project was going to entail buying the building, completely refurbishing it and equipping it to the highest standard. It was an ambitious and expensive scheme. Sometimes you have to trust your gut instinct. Sometimes, when a golden opportunity presents itself, you have to be prepared to act boldly.


There was joy unconfined on 23 October 2018, when I picked up the keys to my new chambers. Maid Hannah and ye50yes, my man with a van who can, worked tirelessly to move my equipment in and get me set up to start operating from the first week. I went to bed both proud and excited that I had taken a giant step forward in securing a brilliant future.


The next four months were among the most testing of my life and ones that exposed me to the best and the worst of human nature. My health problems were exacerbated by the dust and fumes which went along with the building works and redecoration of the new building. It became an increasing struggle to work, as the building became toxic to me. I was desperate not to let anyone down and carried on as best I could, even though being in the building was making me ill. I am a woman that never gives up, and I was determined not to let this defeat me.


On 7 January I had an unexpected operation which I had a very difficult recovery from. I was sent home, only to be readmitted, several times.  Without any exaggeration, I thought I was not going to see one week to the next.  I pulled through, but I was very weak for several weeks and my recovery was further hampered by getting setback after setback. I was bedridden, weak, unable to work and letting my clients down. It was unbearable. This is a position I never wish to be in again. I could not have managed to continue the project through this difficult time without my boys holding everything together for me during my absence and doing shifts caring for me.


Several people helped me get through and achieve ultimate success. First and foremost my mother, who took an extended period off work to nurse me and who proved time and again that there is nothing she would not do to support me. I am so lucky to have her. My stable of boys were a tower of strength. Maid Hannah toughed out many weeks living in a building site, taking care of many things on a day to day basis and doing her best to keep a part of the premises clean and safe for me. She never wavered in her commitment to the project. She told me how much she believed in me, in my skills as a Mistress, my creative flair, my resilience and determination and above all my work ethic.  Ye50yes and PropertyofDesi gave up many hours completely voluntarily to assist with various aspects of the building work and sourcing and collecting items of equipment.  Sadly just before I completed the project, PropertyofDesi chose to move on and I lost another very special boy from my stable, it deeply affected me once again, but I knew I had to carry on with my dreams.  When the chips are down, you find out who your true friends are. I would also like to record my thanks to my many clients who have given me practical and moral support and encouragement over the past months and who have been very patient with me as I coped with the trying circumstances I have endured. Loyalty means so much to me and I am blessed to have so many loyal people in my life. For those of you who know me well enough, you will know I value honesty and loyalty over and above anything else. I will never forget this time in my life and what the people that helped me build my dream have done for me, and without you it would have not been possible.


Thankfully my story has a happy ending. The work is almost complete, I am just awaiting the installation of the fetters suspension frame. A few lucky clients have had their first sessions in the new playroom. It has been a memorable experience for all of them. The décor and lighting are classical, luxurious and atmospheric. Grand crystal chandeliers, leather walls, oak flooring, beamed ceilings. A glass floor hatch which leads into a vaulted cellar with heated real slate flooring and exposed brick ceiling. The equipment is top of the range Fetters kit,  consisting of a gyno bench, whipping bench, bondage wheel, bondage bed, stretching rack, fisting stool, ladder chair, toilet box, various cages and suspendable cages, and (soon to be installed) full suspension frame. There are several different types of suspension device available, including a human bird cage,  gibbet cage, leather strap cage and several leather strap harnesses and slings. The steps down into the cellar will bring a sense of dread. Expect to have your limits tested if you are led down there. You may feel you have descended into the very pit of hell by the time I have finished with you….  There are plenty of restraint points, so do not kid yourself that you will be able to escape. This space is perfect for overnight confinement. Last but not least, the playroom has an ensuite double bedroom. The entire playroom is available to rent, including overnights, to lifestyle couples. Maid Hannah is available onsite to do chores, provide a chauffeur service and provide meals and refreshments if required. Maison Desire is a dream come true for me. I had a vision of a place where I can make others dreams come true also. A place where people can be their true selves. The BDSM lifestyle is my lifeblood and the source of my life-force. I feel truly blessed to be able to experience the deep joy it brings. My life’s work is to help others enjoy this great gift in all its fullness.


It has been a hard and testing journey, but now I am overjoyed at what I have achieved and I know the best is yet to come. Years of high quality BDSM in high quality surroundings. I have learned some important lessons along the way, some of them about myself, some about life, some about people in life. Never place false limits on what you can achieve through hard work and self-discipline. Have the courage to look deep into your own soul to find what it is that you truly desire and then be fearless in reaching out to take it. Pick your friends carefully and cherish those who will stand by you no matter what. There are no shortcuts to achieving something worthwhile.


M.D x