As some of you will know, I have a live-in maid, Hannah. Hannah has some good qualities and she is a very loyal servant. However, she does from time to time need a very firm hand, as she is wayward, sluttish and lippy. I am not a woman who does failure, and despite Hannah’s obvious character flaws and terrible tendency to backslide, I will see to it that she is brought to full submission and perfection as my slave.

Last week her behaviour fell drastically short of what she pledged and swore in her oath, requiring immediate attention for correction. Her recent transgressions have included three serious offences: talking back to Mistress in front of another submissive, talking back to Mistress in the presence of another Mistress, deliberately overstating the number of strokes received in a maintenance beating and recklessly breaking not one, but two of Mistresses favourite canes with her backside in the process. All this happened in a short space of time just before red nose day, which inspired me to a fitting punishment, which involved turning several parts of Hannah red…..

I called Hannah to her punishment session and ordered her to strip naked immediately upon entering the room. She has at least had the good sense to know when I mean serious business and to fear it. There was no lip, just instant compliance and a gratifyingly meek and nervous demeanour. A flurry of hard slaps to the face brought a lovely red shade to her cheeks as she was made to confess her misdemeanours. Next came a no-nonsense beatdown with the aid of a truncheon. Once she was prone on the floor, several hard kicks and blows followed to make sure she stayed down. Time to turn her balls red. She was ordered to spread her legs and keep them spread as she was repeatedly kicked hard with my instep, which had the desired effect of paralysing her and reddening her scrotum. Having well and truly softened her up, I turned her balls redder still with severe stretching and squeezing, culminating in me dragging her across the dungeon floor by her balls, the whole twelve stone of her. This resulted in turning her already red face even redder. She was helpless and utterly under my control. I ordered her to the fetters gyno chair, strapped her in and blindfolded her. Her rapid and shallow breathing showed how afraid she was of what was to come next – but it was not anything she was expecting. The weapon of surprise is always a powerful one in any Mistresses armoury. Was I about to get romantic with Hannah? I was softly ruffling her hair. NO!! I was dyeing her hair bright red, pillar box red as the box was labelled, to wear as a badge of shame to her public humiliation. Finger and toe nails were then varnished to match. Just when I thought her face could not get any redder, it did, when I took off the blindfold and she could see my handiwork. She knew full well she would be stuck with these emblems of shame for weeks to come. Time to put the finishing touch to the punishment and turn her backside red. She was ordered to the whipping bench. She knows the drill well and assumed the position and put up no resistance and stayed silent as she was fully strapped down. I walked over to the cupboard and pulled out her feared and favourite judicial cane, a truly painful instrument few subs can take. I informed her she would receive twenty four full force strokes. She understood the significance of the number, twenty four being the maximum number of stroked permitted in a judicial caning in Singapore. I gave the first stroke everything and her yelp, gasp and squirming gave me the warm satisfaction of knowing that this lippy maid was being taught a lesson, well and truly. The yelping, gasping, squirming and satisfaction increased with every successive stroke until….disaster…at the seventeenth stroke the cane, my pride and joy, broke on her back side. The second cane to have broken on her back side in a single week! The full twenty four strokes were dished out, the last seven with a broken cane. When She was unbound she struggled to stand, her legs trembling and her eyes moist. This was one red nose day she would never forget…..

The story however does have a happy ending. Hannah deeply apologised to me and I declared my forgiveness, as she had taken her hard punishment well. She thanked me genuinely for her hard but loving correction. It is often said spare the rod and spoil the child. The same can be said of slaves. A broken slave is a treasure for a Mistress, but a broken slave is also a contented slave. Her behaviour and attitude have improved. There is no love like BDSM love, sometimes it has to be tough love.