Given all of the madness we are living amongst in the world at the moment , I wish to start this blog post with some uplifting news. I am overjoyed to announce after some very dark and testing recent times, I feel I am finally turning a corner and have hope of living largely pain free, and walking on my two wonderful Pretty Polly legs once again. It has been a huge journey of struggle and a test of mental strength, that has at times, tested me to my limits and beyond. As many of you know from my previous entries, I underwent a spinal nerve operation early this year, which I am pleased to say was a roaring success.


After a long delay due to COVID, I was fortunate to undergo a private operation in mid September on my right hip. The operation went exceptionally well, better than everyone had predicted, the surgeon believes I may have had a small miracle. I was rallying to a clothing boutique in Marylebone, (on crutches), buying clothing, 48 hours after theatre. My boys seem to know how to motivate me in the correct ways when required. It is now 8 weeks since the operation. I am still undergoing daily and weekly physio, walking unaided and building strength as quickly as I can. I have even been promised a new dancing partner, if I play my cards correctly and the surgeon does another fine job on hip number two. Courtesy of my loyal cuckold. All things going to plan, I shall hope to have two fixed hips and be close to full strength, enabling me to work in my playroom again from April 2021.


This brings me on to my dungeon and Maison Desire Yorkshire. With COVID, knowledge of my health situation amongst some other personal issues, I took the vast decision to permanently close Maison Desire Yorkshire. Since I had put so much effort into creating and building my dream playroom, it was very difficult decision. Ultimately I have taken the decision to protect what I have worked so hard to achieve and allow me to be in a position to move forwards with a better long term future next year. Being without a playroom for the first time in a decade, has left a huge void in my life. As many of you know, as a lifestyle Mistress, I live and breathe BDSM, needing to exercise myself daily. In the mean time, I am available online for sessions and have my new only fans page for those who need their daily dosage of Mistress. I do remind myself that however hard the present situation may be for myself and many other ladies, many others in the country, especially in entertainment and hospitality industry, are even worse off. I wake daily these days, simply grateful to be alive, with a beautiful warm home, wonderful supportive people as friends, slowly restoring my health and not living in pain and suffering, and to be able to walk outside and breathe air and stand on two feet. At times we need to realise what we do have rather than what we do not. Sometimes you must lose everything to truly appreciate everything.


Moving onto my plans for the future. I am a lady who plans for plans, and fears being ‘static’.  I haven’t decided on a final  new location, but I can announce that I will be relocating to the South of England. London or the M25 corridor of the South East. For the past 13 years, I have based all of my professional life in Yorkshire and now feel the time is right for me to move on, build new memories and have a new start. I will of course, still see a handful of my closest boys in the North, once a month. They have been loyal over the years to me, as I will remain to them.


COVID has made 2020 very challenging and tough, especially for those in the BDSM community, I have reached out to several of you personally, and I would like for you to know, that I am thinking of everyone during this catastrophic time. Thank you to everyone that has helped me fight through my health issues and given financial support to me during this time. I will never forget this. In the mean time for the coming months, I hope to see as many of you as possible online, on Skype and Onlyfans, and together we will get through this.


The past 18 months has taught me many valuable lessons, perhaps as gruelling as it has been, I have emerged from the other side, richer as a person, even though I have lost many things and people in my life over the course. It is important that we recognise that people, and time with them is more valuable than any material posession. It is important that we recognise health is wealth and the most valuable thing we have in life. Without it we are prisoners. It is important we learn and recognize our mistakes, and use our mistakes to grow into better people and not make them repeatable in the future. It is important that we use our time wisely and give it to the right people, people that help us grow and make us better versions of ourselves. It is important to live life, not just exsist, be around people who push us to be more, make us challenge ourselves and bring to our lives. We must always learn ourselves, take experiences and relationships we have, to learn who we are from them and who we can become.


I want to personally thank the few lifestyle boys who have departed their jouneys with me this year, for the most precious years. For the most precious gift you gave me and life can bring, the gift of submission, and beyond. For the most incredible and amazing memories we made. For helping me succeed and grow in my life, personally and professionally. For helping me build my dreams and live them, something not many people have the opportunity to do. For your selflessness and the time you gave me. For standing by me during the darkest times at my worst, and letting me share yours with you and be there. For believing in me and all that I am, when all was lost. For something so deep even the darkest depths of the ocean cannot compare. For allowing me to scratch your souls, and trusting me to do so. I cannot put wholly into to words how grateful I am for who you helped me become, grow to be, and all of the joy you brought to my life over our years spent. I will hold our memories forever close and feel happy and lucky, I was honoured to know and meet such wonderful people. I wish you all the best for your futures and hope you took as much from our time together as I did.


I hope it meant as much to you, as it did to me.


MD xx