John is my longest serving slave of 8 years. Throughout his service to me we have dabbled on and off with chastity, using this to achieve our goals. The devices we have tried so far have been lack lustre to say the least, certainly not suitable for long term wearer. We have gone from metal to plastic, silicone to leather, none of which suffice. After a hiatus from chastity, we decided to reintroduce this into our lives. Chastity has had such great results in the past within our D/S relationship, making him happier and weaker for me. Proving great results for both.

Let’s face it, no matter how good any sub is, they can’t be trusted to leave their so called manhood alone. With this new chapter of John’s chastity, I feel there was something else that needed to be added to his torment of his cock being locked.

After a quick search on the internet, I swiftly discovered that there is a wealth of videos out there for sissy hypnosis and a range of other kinks. On a daily basis I have had John search for videos before bed each night. He is then tasked with sending me three video options each evening for me to select one for him view. I am particularly fond of making him find me ones focused on black cocks. I’m have decided upon pushing John further down the road into loving cock, specifically black cock.

Being a dominant woman I wasn’t satisfied with John watching these videos in normal viewing format. I needed something more immersive. I took it upon myself to surprise John with a new toy, a brainwashing device. John now wears the device before bed each evening to watch his nightly video I have carefully selected for him, complete with headphones. This is to fully immerse him into the experience and really mess with his head and push him further down the rabbit hole of sissyhood.

The results from implanting these new rules have been fantastic. I could see from his twitter account and his daily messages to me, that it had gotten deep into his mind. He is kept in a constant state of arousal day and night, making him very horny with no means of relief without my supervision. His release is dependant upon his behaviour each week and performance day to day. With our new daily routine in place it got me thinking why bring his aroused state to an end? My devious mind had been in overdrive and I had a cunning plan to for the foreseeable future to ruin all of his orgasms.

When it came time to session after his first week locked, I had him naked as all slaves should be in presence of their goddess. This particular week I was feeling slightly tired and run down after a busy week at the playroom, so I was in dire need of some pampering. I sat upon the bed and fitted John with the brainwashing device, programmed pre hand with a rather intrusive BBC hypnosis video. I placed a condom over the cage and a black penis gag firmly in his mouth. I then instructed John in his rather blinkered state that I needed a massage. John has very good massage skills despite his limited contact with the female form during his lifetime. In his heightened state of caged arousal, he put in some serious work massaging me and pleasing his mistress very well. During the massage, I observed John drooling from the black cock gag and dripping precum from his cage into the condom. I found this rather amusing and fun to see him in such state of arousal from so many sources while being completely unable to do anything about it.

After such a lovely relaxing massage and sexual torment session with John, I had to end the session in the appropriate manner that would also serve to keep him horny. A full orgasm would just disrupt all of this and take us back to square one,  why build up all of  this sexual angst only to bring him crashing back down? I whipped out my hitachi wand and proceeded to stimulate this very excited slaves locked member with it. I found it satisfying and so pleasing watching his little cock trying to heave and pulse whilst trapped in his cage. The stimulation finally reached a peak and he asked for permission to cum. I gave him the go ahead and he started to cum at which point I removed the wand and watched as John had deliciously frustrating, ruined orgasm. John let out a rather large groan as his cage pulsated and his cum was sent spewing into the already precum laden condom encasing his chastity device. All this happening while he was immersed in state of black cocks which he couldn’t escape.

This was such a satisfying session for me to witness my evil plans pay off while still keeping him very much a horny mess. In the moment I decided for the foreseeable future there will be no full orgasms for John just ruined ones he doesn’t deserve to feel that full pleasure, just the torment and frustration of being so close to it.

I thought I would share with you all the story of the start of our new chapter with chastity. I love controlling my slave and bending him to my whims. There will be much more for me to fill you all in on in the future, but that’s it’s for now. I’m going to be doing much more of these blogs in 2018 to share my blessed life as mistress and give you all a taste of what my life is like day to day.

Hope you are all having a great start to the year!


MD xxxxxx