It is just a few months since I wrote about my plans to return in 2020 after an enforced absence due to medical problems following an operation. It is only a matter of weeks since I wrote about my plans to return once safe to do so following the pandemic and lockdown. Now, it grieves me to write that it will be the best part of a year before I can hope to return. I recently last week went to see a Harley Street specialist, who did a detailed scan and diagnosed some serious problems with both my hip joints. I will need two operations, major hip surgery bilateral, one hip at a time. In each case I will be quarantined for 5 weeks and will have a post-operative recuperation period of around 3-4 months. The surgeon has given it to me straight from the shoulder. I have to take the utmost care, otherwise the damage could be irreparable.

This news has hit me very hard. I stood in my playroom only yesterday and felt desolate and empty. It has already been 18 months during which I have endured pain, misdiagnosis and an inability to do the things I love and see my cherished submissives. The thought of another year separated from the things which are so important to me fills me with sadness. How can I endure it?

I am desperate to return, I miss my submissives and my work so much. The first surgery is scheduled for September, privately, although I may be lucky and get a cancellation before then. From that point it will be a minimum 8 months, so I cannot return, realistically, until the middle of 2021 at the earliest. The recovery will be tough with intensive rehab and physio and nothing can be predicted with certainty. The same group of genetic conditions which has affected my health generally in recent times, is also the reason for this latest problem with my hips. It will work against the recovery, but with good medical care, the right surgeon, and intensive rehab and physio, I will hopefully recover. It will take as long as it takes. You now know as much as I do, all we can do is keep hope.

I have greatly appreciated those who have stood by me and supported me in recent months financially. If at all possible, and if it is safe to do so, I will see those who have gone the extra mile for me face to face at Maison Desire before I go for surgery during the next 6 weeks. I will, of course, need to take every precaution I can to keep us safe from Covid-19 and avoid any further damage to my hips. The unconditional financial support I have had from my loyal subs has meant the world to me. It has also stiffened my resolve to return, which I fully intend to do.

If you are one of those special boys who has sent financial support during COVID, then you may now apply for a session with me before I break for surgery number one. A list of basic rules and protocol must be followed, and a minimum session time of 90 mins will apply. This is due to extensive cleaning which will have to be done before and after the session. I will also, if all goes to plan, have hopefully 2-4 weeks to see those who send further support, before surgery number two, hopefully some time in November or December.

MD xx