09Nov 2020

Given all of the madness we are living amongst in the world at the moment , I wish to start this blog post with some uplifting news. I am overjoyed to announce after some very dark and testing recent times, I feel I am finally turning a corner and have hope of living largely pain […]

14Apr 2019

I can scarcely bring myself to say it…..she blew a kiss at another Mistress right in front of me …. and she was laughing about it!! The audacity of it!! Disrespecting your Mistress like that in a public place is surely a hanging offence. Had it not been out of respect for the feelings of […]

01Apr 2019

As some of you will know, I have a live-in maid, Hannah. Hannah has some good qualities and she is a very loyal servant. However, she does from time to time need a very firm hand, as she is wayward, sluttish and lippy. I am not a woman who does failure, and despite Hannah’s obvious […]

18Mar 2019

Some of my boys are very fortunate, they have met their ‘Forever Mistress’, but how will you know when you’ve met yours? When seeking out a Mistress, some factors will be to some extent personal and driven your own quirks and fetishes and would not be valid for other submissives seeking out their forever mistress. […]

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