I can scarcely bring myself to say it…..she blew a kiss at another Mistress right in front of me …. and she was laughing about it!! The audacity of it!! Disrespecting your Mistress like that in a public place is surely a hanging offence. Had it not been out of respect for the feelings of the general public, I would have taken her knickers down there and then and beaten her backside to a bruised and bloodied pulp. As it was, I gave her face a good slapping to give her instant pain and public humiliation and promised her severe consequences to follow.

The consequences came in an epic session on Friday night. I took the decision to bring in a sub-girl with the intention of giving Hannah some serious sexual degradation and humiliation, making the punishment fit the crime of making romantic overtures to her old Mistress right under my very nose. From time to time I do still send her to be dealt with by Mistress Alice Malice when I need the extra helping hand, and occasionally we team up just to really keep her in line. However, she does know she is owned by me fully and final. Permission must always be granted to visit other Mistresses.


To set the tone, Hannah was ordered to strip naked revealing her femme underwear and out fell her pantyliner on the oak floor of the playroom. I then ordered her to take her position upon the whipping bench, whilst I offered the sub-girl a front row seat, restrained in the gyno chair, where she could see the pain and anguish on her face very close up. To Hannah’s credit, she submitted without demur as usual. I normally give a maximum 24 strokes for a full punishment beating – this time she was ordered to take 30, to impress upon her the gravity of the offence. I selected my canes carefully.


The first was a very thin, whippy cane, which had been steamed upon its arrival into Maison Desire, to make it ultra whippy. This cane gives out a cutting, stinging sensation. I dished out 8 full-blooded strokes in quick succession and had her gasping and squirming. With the mockery and reprimand of her Mistress to the rear and the gloating and taunting of the sub-girl to the front, tears sat in the bottoms of her eyes but she dare not let them fall. One moderate stroke with this cane had had another sub begging for mercy just a few days prior. This was just the warm-up….. Next came 8 strokes with a wangee cane, a very brutal and very stingy instrument, the sensation of which I know she cannot abide. Now came out the cries and writhing. Last but by no means least, came the feared judicial cane, 1.6cm thick. Her rear was already on fire. She struggled to take the 8 to make up the 24, the usual maximum sentence. I then informed her that she would have to take a further 6 for her outrageous disrespect to me in the streets of London earlier that week. To build the psychological pressure I paused to tighten further the already tight restraints, whispering in her ear that she needed to know she was going nowhere until the punishment was complete and that maximum restraint would be needed due to the severity of the last 6 strokes. She was trembling and faintly whimpering by this stage. The last 6 had her at her limit, with her body going rigid at every stroke. Her face was crimson from the pain of it all and the humiliation of being comprehensively thrashed in front of another woman.

I then released her from the whipping bench, along with the sub girl from the gyno chair. I ordered Hannah to the gyno chair, blindfolded her and tied the sub girl at the foot of the chair in leather handcuffs. I asked Hannah to recount and disclose to the sub girl what happened the last time she was strapped into this chair. As a reader of my blog, you will know her hair was dyed pillar box red along with many more ‘red’ things. Pleas for me not to do anything silly with her hair, as she had an important family event to go to, fell from her mouth. I firmly reminded her that she was in no position to bargain and would just have to “suck it up”.  Her brain was totally scrambled by the mind-fuck which was to follow. I started to shave her head, while the sub-girl was ordered to blow air on her genitals but not to touch them.  Hannah did not know if she was coming or going. She was utterly humiliated by being shorn like a helpless lamb. I had selected two blades, one significantly shorter than the other. I left a long mullet type style on top, short back and sides. Now for the special effect. I carefully carved an MD into the back of her freshly cut style. This was the next level to last time. To rid the initials she would have to bic her entire head, something I knew full well she would certainly NOT do. All I can say is it is a damn good job I have a good selection of occasion hats!

Time to put the boot on the other foot I thought. I secured Hannah to the stretching rack, totally helpless once more. She was then ordered to attempt to pleasure the sub-girl. She gave it her best shot, but the verdict from the sub-girl was “totally shit!”, a damning but wholly justified verdict. I rubbed Hannah’s nose in it quite literally and forcefully with a barrage of mockery and condemnation. Out of pity for the sub-girl who had been expecting some modicum of  pleasure, I took the decision to step in and with the aid of an electrastim dildo to show Hannah how it should be done. I secured the sub girl a couple of inches above Hannah’s face. Suffice it to say that the sub-girl had the best time out of the three of us, and has since begged for another visit to Maison Desire. Mistress 100, Hannah 0, another comprehensive thrashing of an entirely different sort. Verdict. Hannah is totally incapable of satisfying a woman, not even a little bit. She was made to stand and admit this to us as we looked on with contempt. Her humiliation was complete. I very much doubt she will be making romantic overtures to anyone under any circumstances, let along right under Mistress’s nose.

Blow & Go…..