Many clients old and new have been asking me if and when they can have face to face sessions, or when I shall reopen my doors. At present my doors are temporarily closed. I took the decision to close Maison Desire a week before we entered into total lockdown. I was becoming increasingly anxious and concerned over my own health and safety and that of my clients. For those who know me, or who have visited me in the past, for many years, you will know how I pride myself and my business on cleanliness and hygeine, health and safety.

I miss realtime sessions more than you can imagine. I am longing for the day when I open the doors of Maison Desire once more. There is only one answer I can give, however: when I am sure it is safe for all parties for me to do so.

That time is not now, nor is it possible to predict it with any degree of precision. These are unprecedented times and the future course of events is unclear. The one thing I can say with complete certainty is that the coronavirus is a very dangerous disease and it is not safe to be in close contact in my dungeon at present, not for me and not for you.

Lets take a second to stop and think. From the time the government started easing lockdown restrictions, the rate of infection has started rising. Fact. This virus is highly contagious. It is also potentially lethal and for a certain percentage who get infected, even if they recover, they will have serious long-term health problems. I know at close hand young family members and clients, not apparently at high risk, who have been seriously affected by Covid-19 and ended up hospitalised or with lasting damage and effects. That could be you, even if you think you are not at great risk. Even if you are not seriously affected, you could pass it on to a loved one who will be. Would you like to have that on your conscience? Are you willing to play Russian roulette with the well-being of those closest to you, with the well-being of your Mistress, or even total strangers or yourself?

I sincerely hope the answer is no and I will take a dim view of anyone who would be so irresponsible. The need to be responsible for the well-being of all is a key reason why I am keeping my doors closed.

When I opened Maison Desire 18 months ago, it was a proud day and the high point of 12 years as a professional Mistress. My vision was to provide the highest level of service and environment. Above all, I wanted to create a safe space where everyone could explore their deepest desires, safe in every sense of the word. No judgement, no risk of emotional trauma and certainly no physical risk. That is still the vision and still a fundamental principle I will not be moved from.

To reach the deepest levels of joy and fulfilment in BDSM, trust and security are absolutely essential. To get the very best from your Mistress, you need to show her respect and care and make her feel safe too. These are also reasons why I will not be swayed to see anyone until I am satisfied the conditions are right.

I closed my doors a week before lockdown happened as I could see all too clearly it was becoming too much of a risk, both for me and for my valued clients. I am very high risk and currently on shielding on order from the NHS and my doctors/consultants. Contracting the coronavirus has a high probability of causing serious medical problems for me, long-term problems, and the chances it might prove fatal are too high for comfort. No reasonable person would expect me to expose myself to such a hazard.

I will not be re-opening until I have been given government guidelines and medical advice that it is safe to do so. No other course of action can be defended, primarily on ethical grounds, but also on practical ones. To do otherwise would expose me, my clients and anyone my clients subsequently come into contact with to unacceptable risks. I would also risk prosecution and being sued if someone were to contract the virus on my premises and I am operating illegally outside of official and scientific guidelines. I run a professional legitimate business which is my livelihood, indeed which is my vocation and my life. I have not lightly sacrificed my income and so much I hold dear.

When I do open there can be no 100% guarantee of safety, but I will be doing everything in my power to reduce risk. Any clients wishing to session with me will go through a rigorous hygiene process on entry premises and until they leave, including wearing PPE during sessions. I will due to the level and time I will have to spend cleaning and for safety only be running one sessions per day. This is for your protection every bit as much as it is for mine.

I will be taking a range of safety measures. On arrival clients will be asked to remove clothing, which will be stored securely outside the playroom in a sealed bag, then shower and disinfect using high grade sanitiser. Both I and clients will wear PPE during sessions, including gloves, shoe covers and masks/visors. As has always been my practice, all equipment will be cleaned using medical grade disinfectant after the session and in addition, the whole of the building will be thoroughly disinfected using a fogging machine after every client. I will no longer be able to greet you with a hug to say hello or goodbye, but you can be assured, as ever, of a very warm welcome, good aftercare at the end of the session and appreciation of your custom and servitude.

I only wish to see those who understand and respect my position. Attempting to persuade me to see you will result in you being placed on a blacklist.

By the same token I will never forget all those kind people who have supported me during this very difficult time, with their patience, forbearance, financial donations, good wishes, encouragement and practical support. These are the men I respect and will have priority for my future sessions.

I am available daily for skype and phone chat for the foreseeable future until this situation resolves. I have thoroughly enjoyed building up trust and good bonds this way for future sessions when I do reopen.

Stay safe and I do hope to see you all again one day.

MD xx