about Only read further if you are prepared for your life to change…. forever. Time with London Mistress of Desire will be addictive and you will be controlled and dominated in your mind, body and soul. Welcome to your new reason for existence, always in your thoughts, your new addiction. ….. London Mistress of Desire.

Mistress of Desire is an exceptionally exquisite, elegant and sophisticated femme fatale. Female supremacist, lifestyle and professional dominatrix and purveyor of all things fetish and kink related. Exercising her dominant self is always her pleasure and she enjoys nothing more than holding all of the power from you.  She lives to dominate and control submissive men, it is her calling. Mistress possess the most wonderfully creative and wicked mind, twisted with the most manipulative and deviant ideas to control you, break you and capture you forever. She has the ability to implant myself firmly into your head forcing your submission to her to grow deeper by the day. Her realm is like unique, the more you submit the more fulfilling your journey will be, after all, you cannot fall whilst on your knees.

Mistress of Desire is articulate, intelligent and dresses with class, style and perfection. As a self confessed perfectionist, she demands only the very best standards in everything she does and those who wish to serve her. Standing at 5ft 10 in stockinged feet and towering at 6ft 2 in Louboutins, she has a slim, model type hourglass frame, with a dress size 6. Her brunette hair flows perfectly down her back complimenting her hypnotic green eyes and porcelain skin. She has exquisite  taste and enjoys the finer things in life, from exotic holidays, to fine cars, luxury hotels and designer labels. As an INTJ female, she is most certainly one of the most rarified women that walks the earth. She has a keen eye for detail and strives for perfection in every aspect of life. Her standards are of an exceptionally high order and you should aim to please at all times whilst under and during servitude to her.

Mistress of Desire is the pinnacle of a goddess with unquestionable and honed skill. With 11 years as a lifestyle and professional Mistress, she has the experience to give the most unforgettable and exclusive, BDSM and femdom experience. Her lifestyle as a Mistress goes way beyond the playroom, it is her passion. Mistress of Desire is a true dedicated believer in female supremacy, female lead relationships and submissive men. Her residence is perhaps one of the most luxurious and decadent dungeons in the UK set in Yorkshire. Mistress of Desire has spent years creating her dream to share with the world, a place where one can be their true free selves. Mistress also visits the south of England once a month.

The majority of her clients are all longstanding of many years and she forms deep and lasting relationships built on trust, dedication and deep servitude. She will take you on a journey that will deepen the bond and push your boundaries. Mistress of Desire will train and mould you into the perfect submissive man. She will be strict enough to push you, yet caring enough to catch you when she breaks you. Her view is BDSM is a game of trust. The psychology and art of female domination is not something you can learn, or be taught, it is deep inside you. She was lucky enough to be born with it, a great gift. A true dominatrix.

London Mistress of Desire