• rulesDue to anaphylaxis allergy, the following are prohibited in my sessions. Failure to comply with this will result in your session being cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded, thank you for you compliance and understanding.
    • Latex,
    • wearing of aftershaves, colognes, aerosol deodorants,
    • nut snacks of any kind.
    • Please do not bring flowers, alcohol, perfume or foods as gifts.
  • I insist on good hygiene. I take extensive care of my appearance and hygiene and expect the same in return. You will be expected to shower upon arrival and any anal play will require a douche by me.
  • My prices are not negotiable and reflect the quality of service I provide. If you do not have the correct fee on the day you will be refused the session.
  • I expect good manners at all times and to always be addressed as Mistress.
  • I do not tolerate rudeness, arrogance or aggressive behaviour.
  • I do not entertain time wasters. I am a highly busy lady and my time is precious. If a booking is made I expect you to turn up, on time, with the correct fee. Any no shows will be blocked immediately.
  • Mutual respect is a given and all limits will be set and clearly stated before we begin the session, with a safe word agreed.
  • I expect punctuality. The session will begin and end at the set times agreed, please allow plenty of time for traffic and delays on the day. If you are late, you will loose time off your session.
  • I should be made aware of all health issues and medical concerns before the session.
  • All sessions are confidential and privacy will always be respected at all times, this is mutual.
  • All session fee balances are to be paid upfront upon arrival
  • I do not offer intimate body worship of any kind or nudity; please do not embarrass yourself by asking for this.
  • I do not offer any services that are illegal.

Yorkshire Mistress Desire